About Us

ONESONIC is an Irish audio brand established in 2019. Inspired by music and moved by sound, our primary goal is to give you a mind-blowing music listening experience! There’s nothing quite like being immersed in your favourite track and losing yourself in sound. Our products have been crafted by industry leading audio professionals at our R&D centre in Dublin. Behind ONESONIC is a creative team with a passion for innovation and a single focus on your enjoyment of music!

Meet the team

The ONESONIC team is a collective of industry leading audio professionals; specialists in audio technology, acoustic design, music production, studio design, audio performance but most of all, we are veterans in music enjoyment! Our team has evolved from a division within our sister company Allegro Acoustics, which is a specialist acoustic and audio design consultancy. We have worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest and best global audio brands and have created ONESONIC so that we can do audio the way it should be done.

  • “ONESONIC’S buds will give you all the portability and convenience of bluetooth earbuds with a much smaller price tag than you would expect. That makes them a much more attractive option for users.”

    Ciara O’Brien, Irish Times
  • “…the ONESONIC BB-HD1s offer exceptional sound quality and performance”

    Noel Campion, Irish Examiner